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Thomas Sir’s Coaching Classes Mulund West

Thomas Sir’s coaching classes

For those who stay at Mulund would get it immediately that Thomas Sir’s Maths and Science Parivar Classes also known as Thomas sir’s classes. It is exactly mid-way between Mulund station (west) and Apna Bazar, which is about 3 minutes from Mulund Station (West) on Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru Road.
Our team didn’t face trouble to reach to Thomas sir’s classes. when we reached at the venue in the evening a class lecture had already begun. We thought that we had picked wrong time to meet them and there would not be anyone to speak.
We were greeted well, we might have interrupted them since we had not called earlier or had booked prior appointment. Thomas Sir was reading science text book in his office, which carried lot of pencil underlining and markings. When asked for his permission to come in and have a word with him for 5 minutes. To our surprise he welcome us and spoke for next 5 minutes with us.
It is our opinion that teachers at Thomas Sir’s are one of the best in delivering coaching, since they practice teaching through revisions. This brings out best in students and helps them score well in exam.
Thomas sir’s class started with a humble beginning, deep rooted in excellence and passion. Students who have been training under him know him well. They are very well known in Mulund West.
Thomas sir believes in word of mouth and that’s where their power lies. He says that his current and earlier students have always been spokes person and ambassador of his classes. Since they know how much Thomas Sir had taken efforts on them to bring out their best. Same way they believe he could do the same to their siblings, friends and classmates.
Unfortunately Thomas Sir’s classes doesn’t have compilation of their classes notes as an aided tool to given to the student for study. But we are hopeful that it would be available to students soon in coming years.